Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Good Morning,
We're gearing up for Thanksgiving here, but I thought I'd post these pages I've been working on. The first two are of my little ones with their "yubbie"'s yubbie is a word that my oldest son coined nearly 18 years ago...he couldn't say lovey, it came out yubbie...and it's been yubbie for every child since then!

I found some flannel that I really, really liked of little 19th century children playing, and wanted to make something with it...so I made a yubbie for dd when she was about 3 months old. I actually made two, so one could be washed and she'd still have one...it was a nice theory, but in reality, she favored one over the other. My journaling says she now calls him e-e. She just came up with that "e-e yubbie" one day, and no one knows why!

Then when ds came along, I didn't have the energy to make another, instead we had a package of four flannel nappies (cloth diapers) and he used those. Two have disappeared, but we still have the other two...and again one is favored over the other...it's not nearly as ragged at dd's, but I'm sure in another couple years it will be!

Lastly, as I search through my ga-zillion photos on my harddrive, I come across pictures I'd forgotten...that's the way it was with these gorgeous pics of dd18...so I had to scrap them...I think the colors and flowers are so pretty...but not at pretty as her...she is beautiful, inside & out!

We have friends coming this morning to bake pies, so I won't have as much time to scrap...but maybe I'll scrap our friends later tonight! If I'm not back before Thursday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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