Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First CT Assignment

Now that I am officially a CT member for Teri Mayo, I have been asked to work specifically with a new kit of hers! How fun - my first real "assignment"! lol She has a NEW kit out called "Plum Crazy in Love" with lots of - yep, you guessed it! - plum colors! Here is a sneak peek:

The image will take you to her shop at the Digital Arts Cafe, where you will find a link to the exclusive VIP lounge...the ONLY place you can get this kit!

Here is the two page spread I made with this kit:

here is the left side:

and the right:

Have a great Saturday! I'll be back later for some more updates!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Can't Believe It!

It was so thrilling to be asked to design a lo using a designer's kit! Now, even more exciting...she has asked me to join her team! I am so honored! So thrilled, so stunned! Here is what she said..."Those layouts are wonderful! I'm NOT KIDDING! You did a great job and I can not tell you how pleased I am with them...I would LOVE for you to do some more for me if any of my kits suit your fancy! Any one you want... as far as I am concerned you can officially be on my creative team."

That about says it all...and I am just amazed! God is so good, and I am so pleased that I will be working with another Christian woman!

Honestly, I didn't think the lo's were that good...I saw others in the gallery that were really beautiful...but I am pleased as pie that she liked MINE, and totally wowed that she asked me to join her team! I really do want to move into the designing aspect of digi-scrapping, so I'm sure to get my feet wet now!

These are the lo's I did with her kit:

This one is called "Bea Happy"

This one is "Valentine Princess"

Here is a preview of the kit "He Loves Me":

And you can buy it at any of these stores:


Digital Paper Hearts

Pretty Scrappy


Dress Up

Another bit of exciting "Dress Up" layout was chosen as a Gallery Standout for January! This was a fun lo, and since I haven't posted it here...I will do so now:

Here is the two page spread:

A close up of the left side:

And the right:


I've been chosen!

I'm SO excited! I've been chosen to be part of a designer's team! She has created a wonderful valentine kit, and has asked me to make some layouts with it! I can't wait to get started! I would really like to design my own this is a step in the right direction I think.

Keep watching here, I'll post a link to her kit, and the layouts I created with it.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holidays are Over

I'm still so behind posting my layouts here...even with the holidays, and the school break...I haven't posted, but I have been busy creating new ones!

I scraplifted this idea...

(her's was much better...but I'm happy with mine too.)

More Christmas images:

And still more...these are from this year...

I'm doing mostly two page spreads now, because I like the idea of "flow" from page to page. I have another couple Christmas ones, then I'll close this post...

This was another scraplift...I really like the ribbon effect...I scrapped my very first Christmas Santa...I still have him! He still ring-a-lings! The kids love him too. Then I took the santa picture out and put in our family picture to make a desktop image as well as an e-card...