Saturday, November 22, 2008

comin' right at ya!

Good Evening!
I had to do this one twice as my puter froze, and I had to restart...but it was SO worth it. I love this pic of ds, and this layout makes it looks as if he is crawling right off the page! Again, I enhanced the eyes because I think doing that really helps bring out the color that most photos sort of subdue...and my kiddos have gorgeous eyes! I'm allowed to say that, aren't I? Well, of course I am...after all, it's my blog...and they're my kiddos! lol

Since I've done two today of ds...I'll probably have to scrap someone else now. In between this scrap, the kiddos and computer trouble, I actually got some knitting done, too! The fisherman knit I'm making for dd still needs the whole left side, but I'm nearly done with the right, and that will complete the pieces...yipee! I'll have finished two this fall - wow - I might have time for mittens before Christmas.


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