Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LIttle Piece of Heaven

This was a speed scrap...it's one of those challenges that I really, really like...You are given 7 steps to follow (one every ten minutes), and at the end you should have a great layout... The thing that was different about this one was that for your journaling, you had to use the lyrics of a song...I chose this song that I really like by Erin O'Donnell called "Hold onto Jesus"



  1. I LOVE this one!! I might have to steal it myself. Do you still have the steps somewhere that you could send to me? I would appreciate it. My mind is already thinking of song lyrics and what photos would go good with each one. I am wondering if a small album of my favorite songs would be too much....perhaps but if it's for me, who cares, right?


  2. Hi Katy,
    I just got around to reading your comment...hopefully you will get my message back to you...
    these were the steps:

    1. Choose 1 photo only. Crop it to a square (it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be square).

    2. Choose 1 paper only. It can be either a solid or a patterned paper, but it will be the only paper you are allowed to use for your layout, so choose it carefully!!!

    3. You must include at least 10 ribbons/lace/stitching, you can mix it up between the 3 if you wish, it doesn’t have to be 10 of the 1 thing. If you use stitching, individual stitches don’t count…….they have to be in a row of at least 4.

    4. Embellish your page any way you wish (including framing your photo), but I want to see bright, fun colours that really stand out from your paper!! Use your own judgment for this one!

    5. Use a tag to date your page. You can do this any way you like, as long as the date is on a tag.

    6. Your title must be more than 1 word and must be made up of both alphas and text.

    7. Now for the journaling. I want you to use lyrics instead of regular journaling. The lyrics can be from any song or jingle, but they must contain at least one word from your title and you must make that word stand out in some way (eg, different font or size).