Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Dance Today!

Yessiree! I'm doing the happy dance!
The Design Star 2011 competition at ScrapMatters is well under way. The first round is over, it was a stressful week - designing, uploading and then waiting. Watching and reading the comments, waiting for the judges to make their decisions and to find out who was moving on to round 2.
I think there were over 90 who signed up, 71 who submitted an entry, and only 17 who made the cut.
My happy dance? Oh, yeah...that's because I made the cut! Yeppers, I did and I am totally thrilled!

Here is the preview of my round one mini:


And a couple layouts I did with my own mini and a couple extras - couldn't use just mine, it would have given me away... round one was a "blind" competition... identities were replaced with numbers.



You can grab the mini here at 4shared or here at - enjoy, and please let me know if you create something with it - I'd love to see it! Also...leave me a comment below and tell me what you think...

Blessings, *Ü* Karen

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