Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Very First Kit!

Now, you all know I love Scrapmatters...but, someone told me about a little challenge over at Brownie Scraps. This is a 6 week design challenge, meant to help those of us who want to design, yet aren't sure where to start. So, since that is where I want to go, I signed up. I can't believe in the very first week they have you making a kit! Wow! By the end I'll have my very own mega-kit!

So I took some time this week, and made a will be available FREE on Monday at Brownie Scraps. But only for ONE WEEK...after that we get to do with it what we want. I'll post a direct link when it goes online, and then I want you to make a lo with it, and show it to me! Please?

Here is the preview:

Here is the first lo I've done with it...

Please tell me what you think...I'd love some constructive criticism.


PS I know it's called "MERCHi makes it!" I guess I should change that to Button *Ü* Babies, huh?

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