Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've been awarded LOTD - Layout of the Day!

How cool is that? Over at Brownie Scraps, I entered a lo I did with another Brownie Apprentice's kit, and they chose to honor it with LOTD! I was sick with the flu all day yesterday, so I didn't even know it! lol I happened to be somewhat well enough to get online today...(hope I'm making sense here...thank you, Lord, for spell check!) and found all these comments and congrats...I was totally clueless!

This is the page that was chosen...

It's part of a two page spread, here's page two:

and the full spread:

The ladies were all asking for a template, and I feel kinda bad...but this was a scraplift I did for a challenge at ScrapMatters....Brittney of Britt-ish Designs is the original creator, here is a link to her design.

ScrapMatters has a challenge called Grand Theft Layout, and I chose to lift that lo...this is the lo I created for that first challenge:

and if you know me, I did a 2 page spread, so here is page 2:

and the full layout:


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